Each individual CLEARS Chapter is responsible for maintaining their respective Chapter information in accordance with the CLEARS State By-Laws prescribed and governed by the CLEARS State Executive Board.  Each President is responsible for reviewing the content created by their respective Web Site Representative on behalf of the Chapter Boards. The following Chapters include: Superior, Northern, Central, Central Coast, Southern, Inland and Border. Membership applications for all of the CLEARS Chapters are available for download on each Chapter Web site.



Chapter Meetings and Chapter Board Members :
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Region I Region II Region III
Northern Chapter:
Every 3rd Thursday
Web Site
Central Chapter:
Web Site
Border Chapter:
Every 3rd Thursday, every other month
Web Site
Superior Chapter:
2nd Friday, every other month.
Web Site
Central Coast:
2nd Thursday, every other month
Web Site
Inland Chapter:
Web Site
    Southern Chapter:
Every other month on 2nd Wednesday
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It is the goal of the CLEARS organization to develop its maximum potential and to be a complete resource for its members.

The CLEARS Strategic Plan is comprised of three (3) initial goals:

  1. To enhance training
  2. To further internal organizational development
  3. To further external organizational development

The CLEARS Strategic Plan is intended as a catalyst to encourage planning and development by each Executive Board.  The time frame is not absolute; it allows flexibility for future boards to adapt the stated goals to the current needs of the organization.  With this strategic plan, as CLEARS moves forward with this focus, we will constantly measure our progress and evaluate outcomes to ensure we are meeting our goals.

The objectives for each goal are broad statements drawn from the needs and desires expressed by the membership.  This allows for the creativity and imagination of the organization in accomplishing the goal.  Each and every objective fulfilled is an important step toward the stated goal. 

It is intended that each new board assess the status of the plan, amend if appropriate and throughout its terms, report on its contribution toward fulfillment.  The assessment will be conducted by the last quarter of each year and any recommended changes will be assessed and then adopted by the first meeting of the following year.



To enhance the role of CLEARS as a source of training for its members


Expand the breadth of training to address the needs of the entire membership, from entry level through management, and include topics specifically related to records management, technology, and career development.




To expand the internal development of CLEARS as an organization


Increase membership at the chapter level to include all Criminal Justice agencies and retain members of long standing.  Encourage participation by becoming a valued resource.


Promote utilization and maintenance of the CLEARS Message Board as an educational resource for all members.


Bring awareness and promote use of new technology related to all aspects of records management and career development through chapter training, Annual Training and Technology Seminar, CLEARS State Web Site, individual Chapter Web Sites and California Police Recorder online publication




To expand the external development of the organization


Maintain a high level of public recognition and awareness of CLEARS, its members, and the goals and objectives of the organization.