CLEARS provides a forum for research and the exchanging of ideas and knowledge with other law enforcement and criminal justice members throughout the state of California. Through your involvement in CLEARS you can stay on the cutting edge of fast-breaking changes in pertinent laws, codes, procedures, management techniques and the latest equipment.

CLEARS is ready to network with you, share the latest information, include you in valuable training sessions, and raise your professional status. We believe that the continuing education of you and your records staffs is a top priority for maintaining appropriate record keeping processes in your agencies.

There are career opportunities announcements available, as well as receiving current information on jobs available at all levels of government.

And, that's not all...
We have an opportunity to collectively influence legislation that impacts you and your job in records management. You may attend monthly training and board meetings where you have an opportunity to exchange your knowledge and ideas with other law enforcement personnel. Additionally, CLEARS provides an Annual Training Seminar which is held in the fall each year. Also, you will receive the California Police Recorder (CPR), a quarterly electronic magazine!

Most importantly, you've already discovered the newest benefit of communication in today's world, !


 Active Membership

An active member shall be a person who is actively engaged in the management/supervision of criminal justice records. Managers/Supervisors shall perform any or all of the following functions; (a) write and deliver evaluations, (b) recommend and/or deliver discipline, (c) be designated the custodian of records and (d) other supervisory duties as assigned. Only active members shall be eligible to vote and hold office. Interim/acting managers/supervisors shall not be considered active members unless approved by the chapter to which they have applied.

Associate Membership

Associate membership shall be limited to non-management/non-supervisory personnel employed by criminal justice agencies that deal with or have a vested interest in criminal justice records.

Which Chapter do I join and how do I join?

There are more than 500 law enforcement and criminal justice members. Currently seven chapters cover the entire state. Refer to the map on the Chapters link to find out which chapter you are associated with. Membership applications are available on-line from the Membership link. Print and fill out the appropriate membership application form and mail it to the address at the bottom of the application.


For your convenience, click on the chapter link for their membership page.

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